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Hey Jodi...

I have a great fundraiser. It is excellent, but I need some help with logistics and so forth.

My daughter's pathfinder unit is doing this, and the little lightbulb went on over my head when I heard it. My sister in law owns and operates a book distributing company and among her merchandise are these tins of greeting cards, "tree free", with beautiful artwork. Many of them are animal themed, I have some beautiful dog ones here right now that my son brought home for me. (He works there too)

I get these at COST. COST. Really... COST. Not the price that retailers buy them for, but the cost that she gets them for, she makes nothing on them, it's her way of suporting charity. That means we make an incredibly healthy profit on them, very very healthy.

I am hoping that we can get volunteers to sell them to their friends and family, workmates, and dog groups. My issue is that the cards are in Barrie, and people are.. well, everywhere else. That's the logistics part.

I checked out shipping - it costs (at the lowest rate I could find) around $6.50 a box, while the box itself retails for $15.95. So, shipping is likely out of the question. I don't mind making a run to Toronto, if we can get a real BLITZ going. If I have to make multiple runs, then I'm going to have to take my gas out of the profit, because I honestly can't afford it - but I sure can't do it more than once a week. Someone is going to have to pick them up and distribute them around Southern Ontario, as that is where most of our people are. I also don't mind making one run down to your place if that's necessary as it's just a good excuse to go visit you, and to see Princess again, and get myself some rottie-love. Killing as many birds with as few stones is my goal.

Can you help me co-ordinate this? If you want me to give you a call to chat about it, email me your # and a good time to call and I will. If you can think of anywhere we can set up a display, that would be even better. Hey... you work in a store... ;-)

Anyhow, I don't want to post it here as it is my sister in law's business, but I'll email you a link to her site so you can actually see the cards that are available. This is an opportunity we want to capitalize on right now before xmas, when we can make some excellent sales.


Oct. 22nd, 2007 03:45 am (UTC)

I have free LD anywhere in Ontario, so I don't mind calling if that works better for you.

I'm out of commission tomorrow, having minor surgery, which sucks, but the doctor is cute which helps. :-)

A colouring book sounds great!

This one is good, but it really needs to be capitalized on now as it is the season, so we'll need to talk about it soon and figure out the logistics of it. Let me know what your schedule is like, I'm pretty flexible - and I'll give you a call.

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