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Fundraising Ideas

I know this group is new, and there are only a few members, but I'm hoping more will join so....

Fundraising ideas. Can I pick your brains?

I'm going to take Halloween as a chance to do some fund raising and whilst handing out candy to the little ones, Princess and I will be asking for donations of coin and Canadian Tire Money. I'm thinking of making her a little red super-hero cape that says "adopted" to wear while we do so. :D

I probably won't make much but every little bit helps. And I get to wear a costume. Muhahaha!

Any other ideas?


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Oct. 4th, 2007 10:37 pm (UTC)

That's a good idea actually, I can make a box too for my door on candy night.

I'll probably dress up as a rottweiler this year seeing as I have the ears. :-) I'm hoping people remember Tubby who helped me hand out candy last year, I'll put it there in her memory.

Rhianna suggested a car wash, while we have a nice weekend. I might see if we can get the running club to have a run for rescue, likewise in your area. Those are all standard things. I might also be able to get my daughter's pathfinder unit to do something - maybe for one of their challenges. I'll take to Vicky. She's a cat (and lizard) person, but we might sway her to our cause. My friend Jill sells dog related items at the flea market, she could also put a donation bin maybe.

I'm not great at fundraising or organization, I'm better off with the dogs, but I'm always happy to help out as long as you tell me what to do.
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