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Barlee's Angel Rescue Network

Until there are none....adopt one.

Barlee's Angels
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Barlee's Angels Rescue Network (BARN) is a non-profit, all-breed animal rescue.
Barlee's Angels Rescue Network (BARN) is a non-profit, all-breed animal rescue based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. We are a group of volunteers dedicated to helping animals in need. We do this by taking in homeless animals, fostering them in the homes of our foster volunteers, tending to their veterinary needs, and adopting them into carefully screened homes. We work on any behavioral problems while they are in foster care as well as basic house manners, crate- and housetraining.

Barlee's Angels are usually abandoned, unwanted, abused or stray animals. These animals come primarily from shelters. Barlee's strongly supports responsible pet ownership and therefore will try to help people to keep their pets rather than accept the pet as a first option. As with all rescues, space is limited and if we can help some pet owners through the problems that are causing them to feel they must give up their pet, we can use that space for other animals in trouble.

Only if we are able to, BARN will accept an owner surrender into the rescue and rehoming program, but the pet must be vaccinated, altered, accompanied by all of it's possessions (eg bed, toys, blanket) and a surrender fee may be required to offset some of the substantial costs of caring for and rehoming an animal.

BARN provides foster care for our companion animals, evaluates temperament and personality, provides veterinary attention as necessary, spays or neuters and then matches the animal with a home that is suitable for that individual animal. This can often take months and it can be very costly. An adoption fee is charged for the pet and followups are ongoing to monitor the success of the placement. Wildlife are rehabilitated and released when possible.

To date we have helped over 140 animals.


Approximately 6 million companion animals are euthanized every year in the US alone. Many more are also destroyed in Canada. It's a sad reality that many people today think of pets as disposable possessions, like a piece of furniture or a sweater that's faded and worn.

Think about how many pets 6 million is. This works out to over 16,000 animals every day. That's about 685 per hour or one pet every five seconds.

Remember that that's only in the United States.

The problem of pet overpopulation is twofold. We must think in terms of SUPPLY and DEMAND. Supply is a big problem - there are far too many companion animals in the country than there are good homes committed to caring for them. This is one reason that spay and neuter of companion animals is so important. Supporting puppy/kitten mills by buying pets from pet stores, or purchasing animals with unknown genetic backgrounds from backyard breeders encourages people to breed pets strictly for profit. There is no good reason to breed your pet these days while there are already shelters full of wonderful dogs, cats, kittens and puppies that will be destroyed because they don't have homes.

We believe that education and action are the keys to change.

You can be part of the solution. Spay/neuter all of your pets before they have a litter, and obtain a pet from a shelter or reputable rescue organization. If you're set on a purebred kitten/puppy, health guarantees or genetic clearances, learn how to recognize a reputable breeder and get peace of mind and a healthy, sound animal.